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Question 1

Structural failures considered in mechanistic method of bituminous pavement design

Question 2

The bulk specific gravity of a bituminous mix is 2.4 and its theoretical specific gravity is 2.5. Caluculate the percentage of air voids in the  bituminous mix

Question 3

The volume of air voids in the bituminous mix is 5.7% and the volume of bitumen is 9.3%. The percentage voids in mineral aggregate (VMA) and the percentage voids filled in bitumen (VFB) respectively are:

Question 4

The weight and specific weight of various ingredients of a bituminious concrete sample are given below. The specifc weight (kg/m3) of the bituminous concrete sample is

Question 5

A thin layer of sand (about 5mm to 10mm thick) is spread on the road and then it is rolled using heavy rollers as a part of maintenance. This maintenance work refers to:

Question 6

Consider the following statements:

Excessive camber is not provided on the roads because:

a) Transverse tilt causes discomfort

b) Of formation of cross ruts

c) Of likely toppling over of highly laden bullock carts

d) Of higher costs involved

Which of the statements given above are correct?

Question 7

A line joining some fixed points on the main survey lines is called

Question 8

A vertical curve has an up gradient of +1.75 % which is followed by a down gradient of - 1.45 %. The rate of change of curve is 0.40 % per chain length of 30 m. What is the length of vertical curve?

Question 9

Which one of the following statements includes the principle of surveying?

Question 10

In geodetic surveying, sum of angles (degree) of a spherical triangle should not be greater than ________.
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