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Question 1

The critical stress is considered in

Question 2

Shear failure are classified into how many types?

Question 3

What is the total thickness of the pavement?

Question 4

The VDF of a lane if the CVPD is greater than 1500 in plain terrain is?

Question 5

The design charts are prepared based on

Question 6

According to the recommendations of Nagpur Conference the width formation of an ideal National Highway in hard rock cutting is _____.

Question 7

California Bearing Ratio method of designing flexible pavement is more accurate, as it involves

Question 8

The two criteria for the determination of allowable bearing capacity of a foundation are ______.

Question 9

Maximum shear stress theory for the failure of a material at the elastic limit is known as

Question 10

According to Terzaghi the net ultimate bearing capacity of strip footing on clay is given by

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