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Biot-Savart Law Starter Quiz

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Question 1

Given magnetic flux density is , the total flux crossing the surface  ,  m and  m is

Question 2

Given the magnetic vector potential  wb/m. Calculate the total magnetic flux crossing the surface  1 < ρ < 2 m and 0 < z < 5 m    

Question 3

A vector magnetic potential is given by,

= 10 sin θ

The magnetic flux density at will be

Question 4

A vector magnetic potential is given by:


The magnetic flux density will be at

Question 5

Magnetic flux density in Tesla, provided magnetic vector Potential is  Wb/m, is:

Question 6

Determine the magnetic susceptibility of a magnetic material, if the magnetic field intensity, H = 840 A/m, and the magnetic flux density, B = 63.3 mT.

Question 7

A varying magnetic flux linking a coil is given by . If at time t=3 s, the emf induced is 9 V then the value of is
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