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Question 1

If the annual rate of simple interest increases from 9% to 13%, then the yearly interest increases by ₹3,690. What is the principal (in ₹)?

Question 2

A car covers a distance of 90 km in 50 min. What is its speed (in m/s)?

Question 3

The average of the square of first seven natural numbers is:

Question 4

If the HCF of two numbers is 12 and LCM of the same two numbers is 48, then the square root of the product of these numbers is:

Question 5

Select the combination of letters that when sequentially placed in the blanks of the given series will complete the series.

A B _ K P C D H _ P E F H K _ G _ H K P

Question 6

‘Belgium’ is related to ‘Euro’ in the same way as ‘Slovakia’ is related to ‘________’.

Question 7

In a certain code language, ‘FLOWER’ is written as ‘KQTSAN’. How will ‘WINDOW’ be written in that language?

Question 8

What is the coil of wire in the electric room heater known as?

Question 9

_______ is secreted by the pineal gland.

Question 10

________ is the closest star to the Earth.

Question 11

Durand Line divides which two countries?

Question 12

The "10 Degree Channel" is related to _________.

Question 13

Which of the following statement is not true about Rajgopalachari formula, 1944?

Question 14

Mohenjodaro, an Indus Valley Civilisation site, was excavated in which year?

Question 15

Which of the following is under the State list?
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