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BARC Subject Revision Quiz 3 : Surveying + Transportation

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Question 1

The combined correction due to curvature and refraction (in m) for distance of 1 km on the surface of Earth is

Question 2

Which of the followings are correct for sensitivity of the bubble tube?

Question 3

Find out the distance of visible horizon in km from a tower of 75m height.

Question 4

Which one of the statement is INCORRECT in design of hourly traffic volume?

Question 5

While traveling along and against the traffic stream, a moving observer measured the relative flows as 50 vehicles/hr and 200 vehicles/hr, respectively. The average speeds of the moving observer while traveling along and against the stream are 20 km/hr and 30 km/hr, respectively. The density of the traffic stream (expressed in vehicles/km) is _______

Question 6

What is the maximum number of passenger cars that can pass a given point on a lane or roadway during one hour under ideal roadway and traffic condition, known as?

Question 7

The speed-density relationship for a particular road was found to be u = (49 – 0.32 k) where 'u' is the speed in km/hr and 'k' is the density of vehicle per km. What is the maximum capacity (in veh/hr) of the road?

Question 8

For a 2-phase signal, the startup loss per phase is 4 seconds. If the average time headway is 2.4 seconds and the critical lane capacity is 1250 veh/hr, find out the cycle length in seconds.

Question 9

A section of the roadway with sufficient width has limited kerb space. Which type of parking will be preferred?

Question 10

If aggregate size of 50-40mm is to be tested for finding out the portion of elongated aggregates using length gauge, the slot length of the gauge is
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