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BARC Subject Revision Quiz 2 : Strength Of Materials + Construction Material and Management

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Question 1

A stepped shaft with G = 100GPa is subjected to a torque as shown in the figure. What is the twist at the free end? (The polar moment of inertia of AB and BC is indicated in the diagram.

Question 2

A beam of rectangular section is subject to transverse load. If the shear stress at a section at 1/4th of the beam depth from top is 60 MPa, the maximum shear stress (in MPa) in that section will be

Question 3

Let there be a cylinder which is filled with a gas and having thickness of 68 mm and the inner diameter of 8 m. Now, find the maximum shear stress in the wall of a cylindrical tank and the pressure inside the cylinder is 14 Mpa

Question 4

A prismatic beam of trapezoidal section shown in the figure is subjected to sagging B.M. What will be the ratio of ‘b1’ to ‘b2’ for the maximum economy if the allowable stresses in tension and compression are 40 N/mm2 and 50 N/mm2, respectively?

Question 5

A spring having diameter 8 mm and mean diameter of coil 100 mm and 12 turns. Find the stiffness of spring if G = 80 GPa

Question 6

Calculate the number of bags cement required for the 12 mm thick plastering of a wall of 5m long, 3.5m high and 300mm thick, if 1:4 cement mortar is used.

Question 7

The time estimates obtained from four contractors P, Q, R, S for executing a piece of work or job are as given below.

Which one of these contractors is more certain about completing the job in time?

Question 8

A wheeled tractor hauling unit is working on firm earth. The total loaded weight distribution of this unit is: Drive wheels: 25000 kg Scraper wheels: 20000 kg If the coefficient of traction for wheeled tractor on firm earth is 0.5, the rimpull which this tractor can exert without slipping is

Question 9

Which of the following statements is/are true?

1) According to Abram’s law, the strength of fully compacted concrete is directly proportional to water-cement ratio.

2) The fineness of cement is expressed in terms of specific surface of cement.

3) The fineness of cement can be calculated by Blaine air permeability method.

4) Coarser cement particles may cause bleeding by settling down in concrete.

Question 10

Which the following statements are correct regarding field tests of cement

1) The smoothness of cement rubbed in between fingers indicates the extent of grinding of cement

2) The stickiness of cement gives the extent of deterioration of cement

3) The paste of cement should feel sticky in between fingers indicates the binding property of cement.

4) The ability of cement to sink on the surface of water indicates specific gravity of cement.

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