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BARC Quiz 14

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Question 1

A queen closer is

Question 2

A steel plate of size 250 mm × 150 mm × 10 mm with holes for two number of 16 mm diameter bolts having ultimate strength of 410 MPa, the design strength of plate in rupture of critical section is

Question 3

Estimate the settling velocity of sediment particles of diameter 0.05 mm and of specific gravity 2.65, when settling in water medium with y = 1×10-5 m2/s

Question 4

Three turbines each of capacity 10000 kW are installed at a hydel power station. If the peak load and the average load produced during a certain period are 25000 kW and 15000 kW respectively, then load factor and plant factor are respectively equal to

Question 5

Two footings, one circular and the other square, are founded on the surface of a purely cohesionless soil. The diameter of the circular footing is same as that of the side of the square footing. The ratio of their ultimate bearing capacities is

Question 6

If the specific capacity of a well is 1.166 L/s, then discharge from this well under a depression head of 2.5 m will be

Question 7

Relation between Young’s modulus and cube strength of concrete is ____(Given by IS 456:2000)

Question 8

A bar AC shown in the figure given below is fixed at both ends and is subjected to a torque t at B where AB = . Then torque at end A is

Question 9

Two straight lines intersect at an angle of 60°. The radius of a curve joining the two straight lines is 600 m. The length of long chord and mid-ordinates, in metres, respectively of the curve are

Question 10

For a highway, if radius of circular curve is 100 m and design speed is 50 km/hr then the length of the transition will be-
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