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BARC Quiz 14

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Question 1

The flexibility matrix of a beam element is given as Then the stiffness matrix is

Question 2

A pre-stressed concrete simply supported beam of span 6 m has a rectangular cross-section 300 mm 600 mm and unit weight of 24 kN/m3 the resultant pre-stressing tendon has zero eccentricity at the ends and an eccentricity at mid-span having linear profile. Under initial condition, the allowable stresses are 20MPa in compression and 2 MPa in tension. The prestressing force and eccentricity at mid span are

Question 3

The moisture content of a sludge is reduced from 97 to 94 in a sludge digestion tank. The percentage decrease in the volume of sludge is ______.

Question 4

Pan evaporation data recorded at a certain location over a period of one week are 4.0, 4.3, 4.6, 4.9, 5.12, 5.18 and 6.21 mm. If irrigation scheduling based on ratio of irrigation water (IW) to cumulative pan evaporation (CPE) is practiced, then the depth of irrigation at an interval of a week for this ratio = 0.9 is

Question 5

As per IRC guideline, for a rotary design speed of 40 kmph, the minimum radius of horizontal curve, when superelevation is zero, is -------------m. [Assume coefficient of friction, f = 0.45]

Question 6

If the coefficient of rugosity is increased from 0.02 to 0.04, the gradient of a pipe of a given diameter to carry the same flow at the same velocity will be increased by _______ time.

Question 7

A 75% saturated soil having mass specific gravity of 1.84 and specific gravity of soil particles is 2.70, the void ratio in soil sample is ____________%.

Question 8

A tie of a roof truss consist of double angles ISA 100 x 75 x 12 mm with its short legs back to back and long legs connected to the same side of a gusset plate with 20 mm diameter rivets. What is the strength (in kN) of tie in axial tension, taking σat = 150 N/mm2.
[Assume tack rivets have been provided at suitable pitch.]

Question 9

The three-hinged semicircular arch shown in the figure below is subjected to loads on rigidity connected brackets. The magnitude of radial shear at F is ____kN.

Question 10

A cantilever beam of rectangular cross-section is subjected to a load ‘W’ at its free end. If the depth of the beam is doubled and the load is halved. The ratio of deflection of the free end of this beam to the original beam deflection will be
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