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BARC Quiz 13

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Question 1

The principal rafter of roof truss is inclined at an angle of 15°. No access is provided except maintenance. The roof is subjected to imposed d of 0.75 kN/m2, the design imposed load is:

Question 2

A waste water sample has an initial BOD of 200 mg/L. the first order BOD decay coefficient is 0.5/day. The BOD consumed in mg/L in 5 days is

Question 3

A 1m wide rectangular channel carries a discharge of 2.99 m3/s. From the specific energy-depth diagram, it is seen that the corresponding to a particular specific energy, the sub-critical depth is twice the super-critical depth. The super-critical depth in metres up-to two decimals is equal to

Question 4

The maximum super elevation to be provided on a road curve is 1 in 15. If the rate of change of super elevation is specified as 1 in 120 and the road width including widening is 12 m then the minimum length of the transition curve is (when the outer edge is raised with respect to inner edge)

Question 5

The parameters in Horton’s infiltration equation [ft = fc + (f0 – fc) e-kt] are given as f0 = 7.32 cm/h, fc = 1.44 cm/h and K = 3.4 /h. for assumed continuous ponding, the cumulative infiltration at the end of 2 hour is

Question 6

Irrigation water through a canal is supplied to a field having Na+, Ca2+ and Mg2+ concentration as 450 mg/l , 70 mg/l and 18 mg/l respectively. What is the SAR value of the irrigation water?

Question 7

An isolated ‘T’ beam is used on walkway. The beam is simply supported with an effective span of 6 m. Effective width of flange for shown figure is :

Question 8

The Euler’s crippling load for a 2 m long slender steel rod of uniform cross-section hinged at both the ends is 1 kN. The Euler’s crippling load for aim long steel rod of the same cross-section and hinged at both the ends will be

Question 9

A symmetrical two-hinged parabolic arch when subjected to a uniformly distributed load on the entire horizontal span, is subject to

Question 10

If the R.L of a B.M. is 100 .00 m, the back-sight is 1.215 m and the foresight is 1 .870 m, the R.L. of the forward station is:
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