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BARC Quiz 1

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Question 1

Consider the figure shown below:

The value of voltage V0 when terminals a and b are opened and the current through the terminals ‘a’ and ‘b’ when they are shorted will be respectively

Question 2

The oscillator circuit shown in figure has n ideal inverting amplifier. Its frequency of oscillation (in Hz) is

Question 3

Probability of error for a base band PCM system with a matched filter at receiver with bipolar pulse of duration 72. Sec and noise spectral density = will be

Question 4

Which of the following peripherals provide I/O facilities?
(i) 8279 (ii) 8155 (iii) 8259 (iv) 8255

Question 5

A linear time invariant (LTI) system with the transfer function G(s) = is connected in unity feedback configuration as shown in the figure.

For the closed loop system shown, the root locus for 0 < K < ∞ intersects the imaginary axis for K = 1.5. The closed loop system is stable for

Question 6

In the circuit shown in figure, A is a parallel in, parallel–out 4–bit register, which loads at the rising edge of the clock C. The input lines are connected to a 4–bit bus, W. Its output acts as the input to a 16 × 4 ROM whose output is floating when the enable input E is 0. A partial table of the contents of the ROM is as follows :

The clock to the register is shown, and the data on the W bus at time t1 is 0110. The data on the bus at time t2 is

Question 7

For an 8 feet (2.4 m) parabolic disk antenna operating at 4 GHz, the minimum distance required for far field measurement is closest to

Question 8

C-V characteristics of silicon MOS capacitor having an area of 10-4 cm2 is shown. The permittivity’s of silicon and SiO2 are respectively 10-12 F/cm and 3 .5 x 10-13F/cm, then maximum depletion layer width in silicon is

Question 9

Which of the following is error correcting code?

Question 10

The slope of the diffusion capacitance verses forward-bias current of a p+n of Si diode is The hole lifetime is
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