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Question 1

In how many ways can we fill the given binary operation table so that the binary operation * is commutative.

Question 2

Given that the determinant of the matrix A = is -12, the determinant of the matrix is

Question 3

Let P: If Sahil bowls, Saurabh hits a century.

Q: If Raju bowls, Sahil gets out on first ball.

Now, if P is true and Q is false then which of the following can be true?

Question 4

Matrix multiplication is a/an _________ property.

Question 5

Assume that the following jobs are to be executed on a single processor system:

What is the average waiting time using the scheduling technique Highest Response Ratio Next?

Question 6

Above process arrive in the order P1, P2, P3 and are served in FCFS order. Then average waiting time is [approximate answer]:

Question 7

In a compiler, keywords of a language are recognized during

Question 8

A circuit which is working as NAND gate with positive level logic system will work as ______ gate with negative level logic system.

Question 9

Consider the grammar G:
S aAε
A  aSbb
The language generated by G is ______

Question 10

Consider following statements about deadlock:
S1 : If a system is in unsafe state, the process may complete its execution without entering a deadlock state.
S2 : If a process releases all its resources before requesting new resource, then deadlock and starvation both are possible.
S3 : Deadlock avoidance is less restrictive than deadlock prevention.
S4 : In deadlock prevention, the request for resources is always granted if the resulting state is safe.
Which of the above statements are true?

Question 11

Why do we need concurrency control in B+ trees ?

Question 12

Consider a CPU where all the instructions require 9 clock cycles to complete execution. There are 70 instructions in the instruction set. It is found that 40 control signals are needed to be generated by the control unit. While designing the horizontal micro-programmed control unit, single address field format is used for branch control logic. What is the minimum size of the control word and control address register?

Question 13

Suppose that a datapath is built with the following latencies:
Instruction memory = 1200ps
Register file read = 130ps
ALU = 600ps
Data memory = 800 ps
Register file write = 400 ps
All other components = 0 ps.

Assuming an average CPI of 1.4 cycles, calculate the speedup of the pipelined implementation over the single-cycle implementation ?

Question 14

Consider an array of n elements with sorted order, if any element i appears more than half the number of element, what is the time complexity to count the number of occurrences of i?

Question 15

In the slow-start algorithm, the size of the congestion window increases __________ until it reaches a threshold.

Question 16

Which of the following describes the operation of a positive edge-triggered D flip-flop?

Question 17

The number 43 in 2's complement representation is

Question 18

In the graph above at each node {A,B,C,D,E,F,G} ,there is a system connected as above via links, find the minimum spanning tree. If due to some error in the network; link (E,G) went down, now again find minimum spanning tree by removing (E,G) link. Finally calculate difference between the weights of both the trees.

Question 19

Consider language A to be regular and B to be context-free such that . Which among the following options is always regular?

Question 20

Identify the functionality of the following code when function returns the value 1. [“head” pointer points to the first node of the non-empty linked list]

int find (Node * head)


Node * P1 = head, * P2 = head;

     if (head next ! = NULL)


          P1 = head next;

          P2 = (head → next)? head → next → next: NULL;


   while ((P1! = NULL) && (P2! = NULL))


       if {P1 == P2) return 1;

       P1 = P1 → next;

      P2 = (P2 → next != NULL)? P2 → next → next: NULL;


return 0;


Question 21

Point out the error, if any in the for loop.

Question 22

Consider the already built heap (Max heap):
32, 28, 24, 16, 20, 18, 23, 14, 1
Which of the following is the correct level-order traversal obtained after 2 deletions?

Question 23

Identify the operation which is not closed for recursive languages.

Question 24

Which of the following is true?

Question 25

Type checking is normally done during

Question 26

Which one of the following is the function of a multiplexer?

Question 27

Consider the digits 0, 2, 3, 4, 5. How many numbers can be formed  from these digits which are divisible by 4?

Question 28

What is the octal equivalent of (1001101.1011)2?

Question 29

What is the maximum number of edges present in a disconnected graph with n ≥ 3 vertices?

Question 30

The post-fix expression for the infix expression

(A + B *(C + D))/ (F + D * E) is

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