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Question 1

The relation {(1,2), (1,3), (3,1), (1,1), (3,3), (3,2), (1,4), (4,2), (3,4)} is

Question 2

_______ number of undirected graphs can be constructed using V = (v1, v2,…..vn).

Question 3

10% of the bulbs manufactured by a company are defective. If 2 bulbs are choosen at random, what is the probability that at least one bulb is non defective.

Question 4

Output of following program
#include <stdio.h>
int mian()
int i = 5;
printf(“%d %d %d”, i++, i++, i++);
return 0;

Question 5

Which of the following definitions generates the same languages as L, where L = {xnyn, n >= 1}

i. E xEy|xy

ii. xy|x+xyy+

iii. x+y+

Question 6

What is the best data structure to implement topological sort on directed graph?

Question 7

represents :

Question 8

Which of the following points is/are not true about Linked List data structure when it is compared with array?

Question 9

Identify the total number of tokens in the given statement printf(“A%B=”,&i);

Question 10

In digital logic, if A B = C, then which one of the following is true?

Question 11

Which of the following is used in syntax analysis?

Question 12

What is the equivalent hexadecimal representation of (10110010)gray ?

Question 13

The operation which commutative but not associative is

Question 14

Which of the following is/are True?

S1: Heap sort is an inplace sorting technique

S2: Heap sort is stable.

Question 15

The addressing mode used in an instruction of the form ADD R1,R2 is _______. (R1 and R2 are registers in a computer system)

Question 16

Which of the following has best lower bound time complexity?

Question 17

For a given hash table T with 10 slots that stores 1000 elements, the load factor  for T is ______.

Question 18

In FCFS, CPU Scheduling, when a process with a long burst occupies the CPU, ______________ is said to occur

Question 19

What problem is solved by Dijkstra banker’s algorithm?

Question 20

Dirty bit is used to indicate which of the following?

Question 21

Let R (A, B, C, D) be a relational schema with the following functional dependencies:
A -> B 
B -> C
C -> D 
D -> B

The decomposition of R into: 
(A, B), (B, C), (B, D) is?

Question 22

Normalization of database is used to

Question 23

Which of the following locks the item from change but not from read?

Question 24

Consider the relational schema R(A B C D) with following functional dependency set F = {A → BC, C → D}; The relation R is in ______.

Question 25

A paging scheme uses a Translation Lookaside buffer (TLB). The effective memory access takes 160 ns and a main memory access takes 100 ns. What is the TLB access time (in ns) if the TLB hit ratio is 60% and there is no page fault?

Question 26

Which protocol is used to find MAC address from the  IP addresses ?

Question 27

Identify the subnet mask for the given direct broadcast address of subnet is .

Question 28

Let g(x)= x3 + x2 + 1 , consider the information bits (1, 1, 0, 1, 1, 0). Find the codeword corresponding to these information bits if g(x) is used as the generating polynomial.

Question 29

What will be the output of the following C code?

Question 30

What will be the output of the C program?

#include < stdio.h>

int x = 0;

int main()


     if(x == x)

          printf("this is if");


           printf("this is else");

      return 0;


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