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Question 1

Which of the following is true regarding structure in C language ?

Question 2

If x is a one-dimensional array, then?

Question 3

Consider the following C declaration

struct {

short s [5]

union {

float y;

long z;


} t;

Assume that objects of the type short, float and long occupy 2 bytes, 4 bytes and 8 bytes, respectively. The memory requirement for variable t, ignoring alignment considerations, is

Question 4

The infix expression A + (B – C)* D is correctly represented in prefix notation as

Question 5

A company needs 600 addresses. Which of the following set of class C blocks can be used to form a supernet for this company?

Question 6

A channel has a bit rate of 4 kbps and a one-way propagation delay of 20 ms. The channel uses a stop and wait protocol. The transmission time of the acknowledgment frame is negligible. To get a channel efficiency of at least 50%, the minimum frame size should be?

Question 7

A function is said to be ______________ if and only if f(a) = f(b) implies that a = b for all a and b in the domain of f.

Question 8

Condition for monoid is __________

Question 9

Consider the following Finite State Automaton. The language accepted by this automaton is given by the regular.

Question 10

Consider the following DFA



How many numbers of states will be there in a minimized equivalent DFA.

Question 11

A context free grammar for  L = {w | n0(w) > n1(w) } is given by:

Question 12

Recursively enumerable language (problem) is ___________

Question 13

The number of resources requested by a process ____________

Question 14

To avoid deadlock ____________

Question 15

Contiguous allocation has two problems _________ and _________ that linked allocation solves.

Question 16

Find the candidate key of the following relation R, where functional dependencies(FD) are given as

R={ A,B,C,D,E}

FD={ AB-->C, BC-->AD, D-->E, CE-->B}

Choose the correct option from below.

Question 17

Suppose there is a relation R with the following attributes:

R = {A,B,C,D}

The functional dependencies are

FD = {AB-->C, C-->B, C-->D}

Choose the correct option from the below which defines a candidate key of above relation.

a) AB

b) AC

c) BC

d) A

Choose the correct code:

Question 18

Consider the following relations:

Consider the following SQL query.

SELECT S.Student_Name, sum (P.Marks)
FROM Student S, Performance P
WHERE S.Roll_No = P.Roll_No
GROUP BY S.Student_Name

The number of distinct rows that will be returned by the SQL query is ______

Question 19

Consider the SQL query:

Select ename from emp group by deptno;

What is the output of the query?

Question 20

Which of the following procedure is suitable to find the longest path from a given vertex to any other given vertex in a directed acyclic graph (weighted) with few negative edge weights.

Question 21

Top to down traversing of tree is called?

Question 22

An unbiased coin is drawn 500 times. Calculate ratio between mean and standard deviation

Question 23

Identity matrix is ____

Question 24

Consider a hypothetical processor which uses the expand opcode tech. A 32 bit instruction is placed in 256MW memory. If there exist 8 – 1 address instruction then how many 0-address instruction can be formulated

Question 25

Which of the instruction is implied instruction?

Question 26

Arrange the following configuration for CPU in decreasing order of operating speeds

1) Hard wired control

2) vertical microprogramming

3) Horizontal microprogramming

Question 27

The construction of the canonical collection of the sets of LR (1) items are similar to the construction of the canonical collection of the sets of LR (0) items. Which is an exception?

Question 28

If the number of states in LR(0) is n1, the number of states SLR is n2, the number of states LALR is n3 and the number of states CLR is n4 then:

Question 29

In full adders the sum circuit is implemented using ________

Question 30

The difference (Di) and borrow (Bo) outputs of half subtractor are
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