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Question 1

Consider the following C declaration:

struct {

short s[5];

union {

float y;

long z;

} u;

} t;

Assume that objects of the type short, float and long occupy 2 bytes, 4 bytes and 8 bytes respectively. The memory requirement for variable t, ignoring alignment considerations, is

Question 2

What is the average case time complexity for finding the height of the binary tree?

Question 3

What is the least number of comparison operations required to find the minimum and maximum out of 50 numbers?

Question 4

The concatenation of two list can performed in O(1) time. Which of the following variation of linked list can be used?

Question 5

A hash function f defined as f(key) = key mod 7, with linear probing, insert the keys 37, 38, 72, 48, 98, 11, 56, into indexed from 11 will be stored in the location

Question 6

Which of the following sorting methods will be best if number of swapping done, is the only measure of efficiency?

Question 7

An Abstract class is:

Question 8

The concept of pipelining improves performance by

Question 9

For a certain number system

Then b is?

Question 10

A 4-stage pipeline has the stage delays as 150, 120,160 and 140 ns, respectively. Registers that are used between the stages have a delay of 5 ns each. Assuming constant clocking rate, the total time taken to process 1000 data items on this pipeline will be.

Question 11

Which of the following is true?

Question 12

A half adder can be constructed using?

Question 13

The postfix form of the expression (A+ B)*(C*D- E)*F / G is?

Question 14

Any sent message by network from switch/router, enters into receiving PC through –

Question 15

Given message M = 1010001101 . The CRC for this given message using the divisor polynomial x5 + x4 + x2 + 1 is ________.

Question 16

How many essential prime implicants are there in the given k-map?

Question 17

Consider the set of 3 processes whose arrival time and burst time are given below:

If the CPU scheduling policy is FCFS, calculate the idle time of the CPU.

Question 18

How many TCP connections can be opened between two ports?

Question 19

Foreign key can take which type of value?

Question 20

The number of tokens in the following C statement is

printf("i = %d, &i = %x", i, &i);

Question 21

Consider the following table of arrival time and burst time for three processes P1, P2, P3 and P4:

If longest remaining time first (LRTF) CPU scheduling is used, then the average TAT will be

(Assume if burst time of two process are matches, then schedule the lowest arrival time process)

Question 22

Identify the correct sequence in which the following packets are transmitted on the network by a host when a browser requests a webpage from a remote server, assuming that the host has just been restarted.

Question 23

SELECT __________

FROM instructor

WHERE dept name= ’Comp. Sci.’;

Which of the following should be used to find the mean of the salary ?

Question 24

A programmer, by mistakes writes a program to multiply two numbers instead of dividing them, how can this error be detected?

Question 25

Which of the following is equivalent regular expressions?

(i) ((01)*(10)*)*

(ii) (10 + 01)*

(iii) (01)* + (11)*

(iv) (0* + (11)* + 0*)*)

Question 26

Which of the following is not available in activation record of a procedure?

Question 27

Convert the following logic gate circuit into a Boolean expression, writing Boolean sub-expressions next to each gate output in the diagram:

Question 28

What will be the final output of D Flip-Flop, if the input string is 0010011100?

Question 29

Which of the following statement is true?

S1 : The power of a multi-tape Turing machine is greater than the power of a single tape Turing machine.

S2 : Every non-deterministic Turing machine has an equivalent deterministic Turing machine

Question 30

The characteristic equation of a JK flip-flop is given by?
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