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Question 1

Which of these can be overloaded?

Question 2

 What is the process of defining two or more methods within same class that have same name but different parameters declaration?

Question 3

In a stack, if a user tries to remove an element from an empty stack it is called _________

Question 4

What is the value of the postfix expression 6 3 2 4 + – *:

Question 5

Which of the following is true?

S1. Go Back N accepts out-of-order packets.

S2. SR protocol uses independent acknowledgments only.

Question 6

The maximum window size for data transmission using the selective repeat protocol with n bit frame sequence numbers is?

Question 7

Elizabeth is planning a trip. She wants to fly out of Charlotte, visit New York, visit Hollywood, and end up at her parent's home in Dallas. Which graph would be best for this scenario?

Question 8

A city is planning their snow plow route for next winter. They want to begin at the garage, go down each street only once, and end at the garage. Which graph would be best for this scenario?

Question 9

Which of the following is dead state in given Finite Automata?[Consider state 3 as final state]

Question 10

Number of states require in minimal DFA to accept all strings containing atleast 2 a’s(input alphabet- a,b?

Question 11

The number of states in the minimal deterministic finite automaton corresponding to the regular expression (0 + 1)*(10) is ____________

Question 12

Number of states required in DFA in which start and end symbol must be different

Given: Input alphabet, Σ={a, b}

Question 13

Contiguous allocation has two problems _________ and _________ that linked allocation solves.

Question 14

There is no __________ with linked allocation.

Question 15

To avoid deadlock ____________

Question 16

Which of the following is an unordered data file:

Question 17

In case the indices values are larger, indices are broken down into smaller indices. This is called?

Question 18

Given a block can hold either 3 records or 10 key pointers. If a database contains n records, then how many blocks do we need to hold the data file and the dense index?

Question 19

Consider a B+ tree in which the maximum number of keys in a node is 5. What is the minimum number of keys in any non-root node? 

Question 20

Which among the following statements are incorrect in terms of Greedy approach?

Question 21

To implement Dijkstra’s shortest path algorithm on unweighted graphs so that it runs in linear time, the data structure to be used is:

Question 22

For a normal distribution, If the mean is M, mode is M0 and the median is Md then

Question 23

For a standard normal distribution, mean μ is

Question 24

Hard disc drives are considered ________ storage.

Question 25

The time for the disk arm to move the heads to the cylinder containing the desired sector is called __________.

Question 26

Which of the instruction is implied instruction?

Question 27

Consider the given below statements about SDT:

P1: If a definition is S-attributed, then it is also L-attributed

P2: If a definition is L- attributed, then it is also S- attributed

Select the correct option?

Question 28

A three-address code has _________ address locations to calculate the expression.

Question 29

How many clock pulses will be required to completely load serially a 5-bit shift register?

Question 30

A ripple counter’s speed is limited by the propagation delay of ____________

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