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Question 1

What is the process of defining a method in terms of itself, that is a method that calls itself?

Question 2

Which of the following traversal outputs the data in sorted order in a BST?

Question 3

A Singly Linked List uses NULL pointers to signal?


Question 4

Linked Lists are _____ in nature which allocates the memory when required.

Question 5

What is the total block length ‘n’ of a Hamming code?

Question 6

Consider the binary code that consists of only four valid codewords as given below:

00000, 01011, 10101, 11110

the maximum Hamming distance of the code is-

Question 7

The number of subsets of a set containing n elements is

Question 8

How many subsets of {1, 2, 3 … 11} contain at least one even integer?

Question 9

Finite automata requires minimum ______ number of stacks.

Question 10

A finite automaton accepts which type of Grammar :

Question 11

Consider the following DFA



How many numbers of states will be there in a minimized equivalent DFA.

Question 12

A is recursively enumerable and Complement of A is also recursively enumerable iff A is ____

Question 13

Effective access time is directly proportional to ____________

Question 14

Let the page fault service time be 10 ms in a computer with average memory access time being 20 ns. If one page fault is generated for every 106 memory accesses, what is the effective access time for the memory?

Question 15

Indefinite blocking may occur if we remove processes from the list associated with a semaphore in ________ order.

Question 16

Using default value constraint,

Question 17

Unique keyword:

Question 18

Which of the following is not a transaction state?

Question 19

The execution sequences in concurrency control are termed as ________

Question 20

In Quicksort, which of the following is true?

i) Ideal for sorted array

ii) Works best when input is not almost sorted.

iii) worst case is O(n2)

iv) Better than insertion sort for every type of input.

Question 21

Merge Sort in a linked list is better in terms of?

1) Space complexity

2) Time complexity

Question 22

Possibility of Ajay clearing an exam or failing in that exam are equal. Find the probability that Ajay will clear this exam at most once in 6 trials.

Question 23

If 20% of the nuts manufactured in a plant are found to be not acceptable as per QC norms, calculate the probability that out of the 4 nuts selected at random, less than 2 will be defective.

Question 24

RDRAM stands for:

Question 25

Which of the following statements are true?

S1: SRAM is volatile

S2: DRAM is more expensive

Question 26

In ____________ mapping, the data can be mapped anywhere in the Cache Memory.

Question 27

Consider the production of the grammar:
Describe the language specified by the production grammar.

Question 28

Find the language generated by the following grammar: 
{S → AB, A → aA|a, B → bB|b}

Question 29

The advantage of 2’s complement system is that _________

Question 30

2’s complement of 11001011 is ____________.
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