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Question 1

What will be output if you will compile and execute the following c code?

void main()


printf(“%d %d”,sizeof(“string”),strlen(“string”));


Question 2

Predict the output of the below program:

Question 3

In Linked List implementation, a node carries information regarding ___________

Question 4

A variation of linked list is circular linked list, in which the last node in the list points to first node of the list. One problem with this type of list is?

Question 5

_______ topology requires a multipoint connection.

Question 6

Which network topology requires a central controller or hub?

Question 7

 Given that f:R→R is bijective, prove that f3 is bijective.

Consider a function f(x) = x3 is

Question 8

Condition for monoid is __________

Question 9

Consider the following problems:
1. Membership problems for CFGs.
2. Finiteness problem for FSAs.
3. Ambiguity problem for CFGs.
4. Equivalence problem for FSAs.
Which one of the above problems is undecidable?

Question 10

Consider the following language anb2n+1. The minimum number of states needs to draw PDA with acceptance by final state?

Question 11

Let L = {(ap)* | p is a prime number} and How many minimum number of states in NFA that accepts a language L?

Question 12

Which of the following statements are true?

  1. ε accepted by NFA
  2. 11 accepted by NFA
  3. 101 accepted by NFA
  4. 000 accepted by NFA

Question 13

If a process is in a safe state, then?

Question 14

In Message-Passing Systems of Interprocess Communication?

Question 15

Which are two fundamental models of interprocess communication?

1) shared memory

2) message passing.

3) independent

4) cooperating

Question 16

Consider an ordered file with 1,00,000 records stored on a disk using un-spanned file organization. Block size is 2048 bytes and record length 256 bytes. If primary indexing is used over a field of size 10 bytes and block pointer size is 6 bytes. Then total number of indexes will be:

Question 17

Consider a file of 8192 records. Each record is 16 bytes long and its key field is of the size of 6 bytes. The file is ordered on a key field, and the file organization is unspanned. The file is stored in a file system with a block size of 512 bytes, and the size of a block pointer is 10bytes. The number of Disk blocks present in the Database file is _______.

Question 18

Which of the following is an Anomaly in database:

Question 19

By default, every single-valued attribute relation is in _______

Question 20

Write correct relationship

f(n) =? (f(n)^2)

Question 21

Arrange the following functions in increasing order of complexity:

Question 22

A population consists of the five numbers . Calculate the mean & standard deviation of the population.

Question 23

In a batch of three students marks obtained in a certain test are 50, 60 and 70. The standard deviation of the marks obtained in test is

Question 24

In which instruction format Stack processing is used:

Question 25

RISC Instructions support ____Operands Only.

Question 26

Which of the following is not a type of cache miss?

Question 27

What is a handle?

Question 28

The grammar A → Aa | (A) | a, is not suitable for predictive parsing because the grammar is?

Question 29

How is a J-K flip-flop made to toggle?

Question 30

The D flip-flop has _______ input.

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