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Question 1

Which among the following has the highest precedence?

Question 2

What will be the output of the following C code?

Question 3

Choose a correct statement about C structures.

Question 4

What is the output of C program?

 int main()

{      struct book

 { int pages;

    char name[10];




printf("%s=%d", a.name,a.pages);

return 0;


Question 5

In which of the following Sliding Window protocols the sender window size is equal to the receiver window size.

Question 6

What is the access point (AP) in a wireless LAN?

Question 7

A group (M,*) is said to be abelian if ___________

Question 8

An algebraic structure _________ is called a semigroup.

Question 9

Consider this Context-Free Grammar:

S aSa | bSb | aSb | bSa | ԑ

Question 10

A context free grammar for  L = {w|n0(w) > n1(w) } is given by:

Question 11

Consider the following NFA over

Identify the equivalent DFA for the above NFA.

Question 12

Consider the following DFA
Which of the following two states are equivalent?

Question 13

A Race condition refers to

Question 14

A system has a resource ‘r’ with 20 instances; each process needs 5 instances to complete its execution. What is the minimum process in the system that may cause deadlock?

Question 15

Which of the following is not a valid deadlock prevention scheme?

Question 16

Consider the following Query:
Emp ( Eid, ename, sal)
Select Eid from Emp
Where sal= (Select max(salary)
From Emp
Where sal< (Select max( sal)
From Emp))
What does this Query return?

Question 17

Consider the following SQL Query over relational instance Emp (ename, Eid, deptno):
Select deptno
From Emp
GroupBy (Deptno)
Having (count (*)> 3)
What does the above query result?

Question 18

Which of the following operators are commutative:

Question 19

Let a relation R(A,B,C,D) and set a FDs F = { A -> B , A -> C , C -> D} are given.
A relation R is decomposed into R1 = (A, B, C) and
R2 = (C, D) , then:

Question 20

Consider the following keys that are hashed into the hash table in the order given using the hash function mod 11.
12, 44, 13, 88, 23, 94, 11, 39, 20, 16, 5.
Assume hash table has locations from 0 to 10. If hash table uses chaining to handle the collisions, how many locations are left without hashing any element into it?

Question 21

Let πA be a problem that belongs to the class NP. Then which one of the following is TRUE?

Question 22

 of the total washers produced in a particular manufacturing process turn out to be faulty. Determine the probability that in a sample of 10 washers selected at random, exactly 2 will be defective, by using the Poisson approximation to the binomial distribution.

Question 23

During Manufacturing, if in a total lot of shafts, the probability of finding a defective shaft is , mean and standard deviation are respectively.

Question 24

The total time required by the computer to process a read/write request and then retrieve the required data from the disk storage is called as:

Question 25

Disk access time does not depends on which of the following factors __________

Question 26

A hard disk has 128 sectors/ track, 20 platters, each with 2 recording surface and 1000 cylinders. The address of a sector is given as <c,h,s> where
c cylinder number
h surface number
s sector number
0th sector is addressed as <0, 0, 0>.
The address <800, 15, 94> corresponds to sector number is ?

Question 27

Which of the following data structure is used in the complier?

Question 28

If A → α | α are two A-productions and the input begins with a non-empty string derived from a. Then in such a situation ______ is preferable

Question 29

4 to 1 MUX would have ____________.

Question 30

A code converter is a logic circuit that _____________

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