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Question 1

What is the output of this C code?

#include <stdio.h>

int main()


j= 10;

printf("%d\n", j++);

return 0;


Question 2

Array is a set of_ objects.

Question 3

Which of the following points is/are true about Linked List data structure when it is compared with array?

Question 4

Convert the following Infix expression to Postfix form using a stack

x + y * z + (p * q + r) * s, follow usual precedence rule and assume that the expression is legal.

Question 5

A router has the following (CIDR) entries in its routing table:

A packet having a destination address arrives at the router. On which interface will it be forwarded?

Question 6

Consider GBN protocol having sender window size of 8. The minimum number of bits required for the sequence is _______.

Question 7

Set A has  elements and set B has elements. The number of injections that can be defined from A to B is,

Question 8

Let G be a group with 15 elements. Let L be a subgroup of G. It is known that L != G and that the size of L is at least 4. The size of L is __________.

Question 9

The number of states in the minimal deterministic finite automaton corresponding to the regular expression (0 + 1)*(10) is ____________

Question 10

Which of the following is equivalent regular expressions?

(i) ((01)*(10)*)*

(ii) (10 + 01)*

(iii) (01)* + (11)*

(iv) (0* + (11)* + 0*)*)

Question 11

Among the given statements about the pushdown automata, identify those which are correctly defined about the PDA?

Question 12

Consider the following statements:
1. Turing machine is more powerful than finite automata
2. Turing machine is more powerful than push down automata
Which one of the above statement is true?

Question 13

Consider the following table:






Service time





Assume all the processes arrived at time 0. Compute the average waiting time of processes in the system using the shortest job first scheduling?

Question 14

Consider the below table and solve the question

Solve the above problem by using SJF(pre-emptive) and FCFS. Choose the correct option.

Question 15

In indexed allocation _____________

Question 16

Join Operator is derived using which of the basic operators?

Question 17

Cross Product is denoted by:

Question 18

__________is used to create a new table in the database.

Question 19

Which command is used to update or modify the value of a column in the table.

Question 20

Consider the following message:

Message = pppqqqqqrpqppqqrrrrssssspq

The number of bits required for Huffman encoding of the above message are __________?

Question 21

Consider the following graph:

Which one of the following is not the sequence of edges added to the minimum spanning tree using prim’s algorithm?

Question 22

Which one of the following is not the characteristics of normal distribution?

Question 23

Let X be a square matrix. Consider the following two statements on X.

I. X is invertible.

II. Determinant of X is non-zero.

Which one of the following is TRUE?

Question 24

Which of the following is an arithmetic instruction:

Question 25

How many types of instruction formats are there?

Question 26

Each personal computer has a _________ that manages the computer’s arithmetical, logical and control activities.

Question 27

Which of the following is not a machine-independent code optimization technique?

Question 28

What is postfix notation also known as:

Question 29

Consider the below statements:

S1: All output bits are high in an active high output decoder when it is disabled.

S2: All output bits are low in an active low output decoder when it is disabled

S3: All output bits are low in an active high output decoder when it is enabled.

S: All types of a decoders are used in to produce only one bit difference at output in their enabled condition.

Correct statement is/are:

Question 30

If two inputs are active on a priority encoder, which will be coded on the output?
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