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BARC EE : Network Theory Quiz-3

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Question 1

Two identical coils A and B of 1000 turns each lie in parallel plane that such 90 percent of flux produced by one coil links with the other. If a current of 5 A flowing in A produces a flux of 0.05mWb. Then find the coefficient of coupling between coils A and B.

Question 2

Calculate the average power, if V(t) = 50 cos(ωt + 60o) and i(t) = 10 cos(ωt + 30o).

Question 3

Consider the following circuit

What is the value of current I in the 5Ω resistor?

Question 4

In the circuit shown in the figure, the current iL(t) is

Question 5

For the circuit shown in the figure below, determine the steady state voltage across 3 Ω resistor and steady state current across it?

Question 6

Determine the resonant frequency of a tank circuit having capacitance of 0.02 mF and inductance of 0.08 mH?

Question 7

Two tungsten bulb rates at 60 W and 100 W, are connected in series with an input d.c. voltage of 220 V, which one of the following bulb glow brighter?

Question 8

For the given circuit below, determine the current flowing in 2 H inductor due to source V1 only.

Question 9

The time constant of capacitance circuit is define as the time during which voltage:

Question 10

The power factor as resonance in RLC parallel circuit is:
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