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BARC EE : Network Theory Quiz-1

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Question 1

Find I2 from the circuits given below:

Question 2

A network has 10 nodes 6 independent loops, the number of branches in the network will be-

Question 3

The circuit shown below is a h-parameter model of some electrical network. The value of the parameter h21 is

Question 4

Two coils having equal resistances, but different inductances are connected in series. The times constant of the series combination is the

Question 5

Which of the following is NOT correct for series resonance circuit?

Question 6

In the given circuit, the voltage across the inductor is.

Question 7

Two resistors are wired in series. The second resistor has twice the resistance as the first. Current passes through the combination. Compared to the current through the first resistor, the current through the second resistor is:

Question 8

Find the current in 4 Ω resistor.

Question 9

Determine the equivalent resistance (in Ohms)

Question 10

In the given circuit, what is the value of power factor?

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