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BARC ECE 2019 : Computer Engineering Nuclear Quiz 2

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Question 1

Which one of the following is a key factor for preferring B+-trees to binary search trees for indexing database relations?

Question 2

Communication between a computer and a keyboard involves ________ transmission.

Question 3

External interrupt may not arise because of :

Question 4

Microprocessors are used in which generation of computers?

Question 5

Total number of simple graphs that can be drawn using six vertices are :

Question 6

Which of the following is/are true about packages in Java?
1. Every class is part of some package.
2. All classes in a file are part of the same package.
3. If no package is specified, the classes in the file go into a special unnamed package.
4. If no package is specified, a new package is created with folder name of class and the class is put in this package.

Question 7

What does the following function do for a given Linked List with first node as head?
  printf(“%d”, head->data);

Question 8

The maximum number of nodes in a binary tree of level k, k ≥1 is :

Question 9

The process of converting the analog sample into discrete form is called

Question 10

The first Network :
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