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BARC ECE 2019 : Computer Engineering Nuclear Quiz 1

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Question 1

A device employing INTR line for device interrupt puts the CALL instruction on the data bus while

Question 2

Find the capacity of a hard disk if it has 8 platters, 128 sectors, 2K cylinders, 512 byte per sector.

Question 3

The use of multiple register windows with overlap causes a reduction in the number of memory accesses for
I. Function locals and parameters
II. Register saves and restores
III. Instruction fetches

Question 4

Cache memory is situated between CPU and main memory because

Question 5

Which of the following does not interrupt a running process?

Question 6

Consider a memory has 3 levels with 0.6,0.5 and 0.9 hit ratios. Find the total number of memory references for level one and level two memories made by 600 instruction program.

Question 7

Which type of memory is used to built main memory.

Question 8

A CPU has two modes-privileged and non-privileged. In order to change the mode from privileged to non-privileged

Question 9

Let the clock cycles required for various operations be as follows:
Register to/from memory transfer : 3 clock cycles
ADD with both operands in register: 1 clock cycle
Instruction fetch and decode: 2 clock cycles per word

The total number of clock cycles required to execute the program is?

Question 10

If instruction length in a system is 32 bits and memory has 32 words. Then find the 1 address instructions if there are 42 address instructions’.

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