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BARC CE: Surveying Quiz 1

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Question 1

A leveling is carried out to establish the Reduced Levels (RL) of point R with respect to the Bench Mark (BM) at P. The staff readings taken are given below:

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If RL of P is + 100.000m, then RL (in m) of R is

Question 2

Bowditch’s rule is applied to :

Question 3

The magnetic bearing of a line AB was N 59 ° 30’W in the year 1967, when the declination was 4 ° 10’ E. If the present declination is 3 ° W, the magnetic bearing in terms of WCB of the line is

Question 4

Following bearings are observed while traversing with a compass.
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After applying the correction due to local attraction, the corrected fore bearing of line BC will be:

Question 5

Column I
P. Coriolis effect
Q. Fumigation
R. Ozone layer
S. Maximum mixing depth (mixing height)

Column II
1) Rotation of earth
2) Lapse rate and vertical temperature profile
3) Inversion
4) Dobson
The correct match of Column I with Column II is

Question 6

A bench mark has been established at the soffit of an ornamental arch at the known elevation of 100.0 m above mean sea level. The back sight used to establish height of instrument is an inverted staff reading of 2.105 m. A forward sight reading with normally held staff of 1.105 m is taken on a recently constructed plinth. The elevation of the plinth is

Question 7

In the WCB system, a line is said to be free from the local attraction if the difference between the FB and BB is

Question 8

The radius of a simple curve is 300 m and the length of the specified chord is 30m, the degree of curve is

Question 9

The observation from a closed loop traverse around an obstacle are

What is the value of the missing measurement (rounded off to the nearest 10 mm)?

Question 10

The multiplying constant of a tacheometer is
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