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BARC 2021 ME: Fluid mechanics & Machinery Nuclear Quiz 2

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Question 1

The force in (newton) required to lift a thin wire ring of diameter 2cm from a water surface of given surface tension at 21 C is 2N/cm

Question 2

An incompressible fluid (kinematic viscosity, 7.4×10-7 m2/sec, specific gravity, 0.44) is held between two parallel plates. If the top plate is moved with a velocity of 0.5 m/s while the bottom one is held stationary, then fluid attains a linear velocity profile in the gap of 0.5 mm between these plates. The shear stress (in Pascals) on the surface of bottom plate is _________.

Question 3

Consider fully developed flow in a circular pipe with negligible entrance length effects. Assuming the mass flow rate, density and friction factor to be constant, if the length of the pipe is doubled and the diameter is halved, the head loss due to friction will increase by a factor of

Question 4

N number of pipes are connected in a parallel connection, all having the same diameter of 200mm and same length L. These pipes are to be replaced by a single pipe with Leq=L, the diameter of such a pipe will be 348.22mm. Neglecting all minor losses determine N.

Question 5

It was observed that the difference of heads between the two ends of a pipe 300m long and 0.25 m diameter is 1.8 m. Taking Darcy’s friction factor as 0.01 and neglecting minor losses, calculate the discharge flowing through pipe.

Question 6

The maximum velocity with which a fluid having density of 90kg/m3 and viscosity 0.1 Ns/m2 can flow through a tube of 10 cm diameter without causing any turbulence is __________m/s.

(Take Critical Reynold's number as 2000)

Question 7

A nozzle of 7.5 cm exit diameter is fitted in a horizontal pipe of 30 cm diameter. If the flow rate of water through the pipe is 0.3 m3/s, then the force exerted by the fluid on the nozzle in vertical direction will be ____________.

Question 8

Consider the two-dimensional velocity field given by  where are constant. Which one of the following conditions needs to be satisfied for the flow to be incompressible?

Question 9

The speed of the jet is 40m/s and it has a diameter of 30 cm. If the jet is made to strike a stationary curved smooth plate, the jet gets deflected by an angle of 60. What will be the velocity of jet at the exit of the plate. ______ .

Question 10

In a 1:36 scale model test of a spillway, discharge of flow over the model is 6 m3/s. If the velocity of flow over model was found to be 5 knots, then the velocity of flow over prototype in m/s will be
[1knot= 0.5144m/sec]
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