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Question 1

Consider Longest Remaining Time First (LRTF) scheduling algorithm. There are 4 processes for which their process id, arrival time and burst time is given as

Completion time of P0 and P0 complete its execution after completion of the process

Question 2

Consider three processes p1, p2 and p3 with their current allocation unit of resource and maximum requirement unit of resources in the table below

Available resources are (2, 0, 1). The system is __ and number of safe sequence __.

Question 3

Consider a system having a process of 72 bit wide. System implement the concept of virtualization. Page size is 256 MB and page table entry is of 4 Bytes. Then virtual address space will split in ____ parts and the outermost page table will be __ bits wide.

Question 4

Consider demand paging is used in the system. The next page references are 5,12,13,17,4,12,13,17,2,13,19,13,4,61,19 . Then number of page faults if it uses different page replacement policy is

Question 5

Consider following Statements

Statement 1- Belady anomaly arises in some page replacement policy because those policy does not follow stack property.

Statement 2- In case of reverse order in reference string, LRU is best algorithm to be use.

Statement 3- In case of loop order in reference string, MRU and FIFO is best algorithm to be use.

Number of statement which are correct ____.

Question 6

What will be the value of counting semaphore after the following operations?

1) 25 V operations

2) 12 V operations

3) 36 P operations

Initial value of counting semaphore is 11

Question 7

A system contains CPU bound process then which of the following scheduling method produces maximum efficiency of the CPU.

Question 8

When an interrupt occurs, an operating system

Question 9

When a computer is “swapping”, it is

Question 10

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