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BARC 2020: Engineering mechanics and DSS Nuclear Quiz 3

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Question 1

A fixed end beam is subjected to a load W at span from the right support as shown in figure. The collapse load of the beam is

Question 2

For an I section beam, shape factor is 1.12, The factor of safety in bending is 1.5, If allowable stress is increased by 25% for wind and earthquake loads, then load factor is ____________

Question 3

A 12 mm thick-bracket plate is used to transmit a reaction of 125 kN (factored load) at an eccentricity of 75 mm from the column flange. If depth of column is 150 mm, then the bending stress developed will be ________ N/mm2.

Question 4

The vertical deflection of a gantry girder should not exceed the value of _____where the cranes are overhead travelling and operated up to 500 kN

Question 5

Equilibrium conditions, yield conditions (M<Mp) and mechanism condition (formation of a plastic collapse mechanism) are the conditions to be satisfied by any correct plastic analysis result. Which of the above conditions do the kinematic methods of plastic analysis consider?

Question 6

A body of mass m is suspended by two strings making angle  and  with horizontal. The tension  in the string is

Question 7

The sum of magnitude of two forces acting at a point is 16N. If their resultant is normal to the smaller force and has magnitude of 8 N, than the forces are

Question 8

Velocity of a particle in a curvilinear path varies with as where t is in seconds. The radius of curvature of path at t = 1s is

Question 9

Figure shows a small block of mass 10 kg kept at the left end of a larger block of mass 20 kg and length 2 m. The system can slide on a horizontal road. The coefficient of friction between the road and 20 kg block is 0.4 and that between the blocks is 0.2. If the system is started towards right with an initial velocity of 2 m/s then the time taken by smaller blocks to separate from bigger block is (acceleration of 10 kg block acceleration of 20 kg block)

Question 10

A train moving with a velocity of 100 km/hr and has constant velocity. The train is carrying 800 passengers. The weight of the train and avg. passengers is 1100 tonnes and 65kg. The passengers seating on their seats in the train will experience,

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