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BARC 2020: Engineering mechanics and DSS Nuclear Quiz 2

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Question 1

A beam ABC 9 m long and of uniform section is fixed at A and simply supported at B, 6 m from A. The beam carries a point load W at the mid point of AB and a point load at the free end C. What is the value of so that W is maximum corresponding to collapse state?

Question 2

A diamond section with unequal diagonals, the shorter being b and longer h, is used as a beam. If the shorter diagonal is placed parallel to the xx – axis, the shape factor of the section will be _______.

Question 3

A plate carrying tensile load is 150 mm wide and 10 mm thick. It is connected to a gusset plate using 20 mm diameter bolts as shown in figure. The block shear strength of the plate is _________ kN.

Question 4

A fillet welded joint of 8mm size is shown in the figure. The weld surfaces meet at standard angle. The yield stress and the ultimate tensile stress of steel are 250 MPa and 410 MPa respectively. The welding is done in the workshop (ϒmw =1.25). Find the factored load that can be transmitted by the welded joint as IS 800:2007 is

Question 5

An I-section beam, made of structural steel has an overall depth of 30 cm. If the developed flange stresses at the top and bottom of the beam are 1200 kg/cm2 and 300 kg/cm2 respectively, then the depth of the neutral axis from the top of the beam would be

Question 6

A heavy prismatic bar AB is rotating at an angular speed of 6 rad/s . The mass centre C of bar, thus moves upward at 120m/s. At this instant find the velocity of the topmost point A of the bar.

Question 7

A thin string of negligible mass with one end fixed to the roof is wounded around a circular disc of radius 2m and mass 10 kg as shown in the figure. The disc rolls vertically down under the action of its own weight. Considering acceleration due to gravity=10m/s2, the tension in the string is

Question 8

A bullet of mass m1=20 gm fired horizontally with a velocity of v=200 m/s hits a wooden block of mass m2 =500 gm (take g=9.8m/s2) resting on a horizontal plane as shown in the figure and the bullet remains embedded in the block after the impact. If the coefficient between the surfaces in contact remains constant at 0.3, the distance the block will move before coming to rest is

Question 9

A block weighting 100 N is resting on surface. The coefficient of friction between the block and surface is 0.3. A horizontal force of 20 N is applied on the block. What is the magnitude of force of friction acting on the block?

Question 10

Which of the following statements are correct regarding the design of lacings?
1) The lacing members can be made of flats only.
2) Lacing members are mirror image of each other on the opposite sides of the columns.
3) The maximum slenderness ratio for a lacing member carrying tension is 180.
4) Lacing members do not transfer any lateral loads.
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