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BARC 2020: Engineering mechanics and DSS Nuclear Quiz 1

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Question 1

The coordinates of the centroid of the cross-sectional area of a Z -section as shown below are [considering the left and bottom as axes of references]

Question 2

If three non parallel force are in equilibrium then they

Question 3

A wheel of 3 m radius rolls freely as shown in the figure. If the velocity of A is 10m/sec and acceleration of A is 25 m/s2 then find the velocity of B

Question 4

A bullet of weight 1.4g enters a wooden partition block at a velocity of 955 m/s and 0.003s after entering the block. The average impulsive force (in N) acting on the bullet is ___.

Question 5

A simply supported beam consists of a steel rod of diameter 30 mm. The span of the beam is 2 m. The steel rod is bored for a length of 0.5 m at each end as shown in the figure. What should be the diameter of the bore so that plastic hinges may form simultaneously at A, B and C.

Question 6

A circular plate of 150 mm in diameter is welded to another plate by means of 6mm fillet weld. The yield and ultimate tensile strength of steel and weld are 250 N/mm2 and 410 N/mm2. The weld is done in the workshop (ϒmw =1.25). The ultimate twisting moment capacity that can be resisted by the weld is

Question 7

Which of the following statements are incorrect regarding design of lug angles?
1) Minimum two bolts are used to connect lug angles to the main members.
2) The strength of fastener connecting lug angle to the main member should be atleast 20% more than force carried by the outstanding leg.
3) The strength of the fastener connecting lug angle to the gusset plate should be atleast 40% more than force carried by the outstanding leg.

Question 8

A column is provided using ISHB 350@ 661.2 N/m. If the effective length of column is 3 m, the design compressive stress (in N/mm2) is ____ N/mm2.
[Relevant section properties: N/mm2. Symbols have their usual meanings]

Question 9

A thin hollow box section of 400 mm x 600 mm deep (outer dimensions) with uniform plate thickness of' 10 mm all-round is used for a beam. The plastic modulus of section (Zp) and its shape factor will be

Question 10

The bracing provided in the plane of end posts is called
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