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Question 1

Loan(Loan No, LoanAmount, Branchname)

Find the loan details for Branch name Alipore and Loan amoun is greater than 5000 in tuple realtonal calculus from the given relation schema.

Question 2

Consider an ordered file with 1,00,000 records stored on a disk using un-spanned file organization. Block size is 2048 bytes and record length 256 bytes. If primary indexing is used over a field of size 10 bytes and block pointer size is 6 bytes. Then number of block access is required to search for a record.

Question 3

Number of concurrent schedules that can be formed over 4 transactions having 1,3,2,2 operations respectively are

Question 4

Consider a table A as

And a SQL query
SELECT Serial_number,
FROM A GROUP BY Group_id. Value of SUM(payable_amount)
having Group_id=2

Question 5


The minimum number of tables required if attribute a22 is a composite attribute?

Question 6

Consider the following table-

Now consider the following query-

Select name from student where P>80 and M<50;

Number of Output after executing above query will be:

Question 7

Let R and S be two compatible relation instances with 10 and 5 tuples respectively. The minimum and maximum number of tuples in the result of R - S is x and y respectively then what is x+y?

Question 8

How many of the following statements are true?

A) Relational calculus is equivalent to relational algebra in its capabilities.

B) Relational calculus is stronger than relational algebra.

C) Relational calculus is weaker than relation algebra

D) It is based on predicate calculus of formal logic.

Question 9

Consider the tables below



Number of elements in the output of the following query?

A name,Age(R Place=’Mumbai’(Employee (Natural Join) City))

Question 10

Consider the following functional dependencies for relation R (A, B, C, D, E, F) and find normal form and write answer as

1 for 1NF, 2 for 2 NF, 3 for 3NF and 4 for BCNF. If Anything, else write

AB -> C

C -> D

CD -> BE



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