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BARC 2020: DBMS Nuclear Quiz 1 (App update required to attempt this test)

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Question 1

In order to maintain the consistency during transaction database provides:

Question 2

Consider a block size 512 bytes, search key field 9 bytes long, block pointer size 6 Bytes and record pointer 7 bytesq long. If a level 3 B+ Tree is constructed consiering root as level 0, find the maximum number of entries in the B+ tree as (34)x*y entries and give the value for x+y.

Question 3

Consider a sequence of 10 elements:

S = [-4, 6, -2, 3, -9,  8, -1, -7, 5]. The subsequence sum B (i, j) = . Determine the maximum of B (i. j), where 0 ≤ i < j.

Question 4

Consider x as prime attribute and y as non - prime attribute of relation R(mnopqrst), from given functional dependencies: F = (q->rst, mn->pqrst, o->pq, p->m). Find the value of x*y.

Question 5

Consider the following set of functional dependencies F on the schema (A, B, C)

F = {A->BC, B->C, A->B, AB->C} The canonical cover of this set is:

Question 6

A relation R(A, B) has primary key is A and B is a foreign key refining the same relation R. Which of the following row sequence can be inserted into R?

Question 7

Consider the SQL query:

Select ename from emp group by deptno

What is the output of the query?

Question 8

Relation R(ABCDE) with ID set F = {A->BC, C->DE, D->E} and the decomposition {R1(ABCD) AND R2(DE)}

I. Loss less

II. Lossy

III. Dependency Preserving

IV. Not Dependency Preserving

Question 9

Transactions T1, T2, T3 and T4 are entered into the system in the order T4, T3, T2 and T1. Transactions are requesting a data item held by another transactions in the following manner. Transaction T2 is requesting for a data item held by T3

Transaction T1 is requesting for a data item held by T2 Transaction T4 is requesting for a data item held by T3 Which of the following is true statement?

Question 10

Database schema is given below: customer(customerId, Name, Phonenumber, address) account(accountNo, balance, branchName)

Find out the phonenumber and address of the customer named by Aditya in relatonal algebra from above database schema.

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