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Analysis of Truss Quiz Discussion Achievers Practice Quiz 21

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Question 1

If the member CD has been fabricated 15 mm short, by how much will point C deflect vertically? (in mm, downward +ve)

Question 2

For the plane truss shown in the figure, member AD temperature raised by. And member BD short by 2mm. The horizontal displacement at D is ______ mm.

(Given all member are made of same material, A=1600,


Question 3

In the case of truss, strain energy in the system is given by strain energy due to

Question 4

A 2D truss, with the applied loads s shown below in the figure. If AE = 40 kN, where A is cross section area and E is modulus of elasticity, then the strain energy (in kN-m) in the member XY is

Question 5

Calculate the horizontal displacement of the support ‘B’ for the truss shown in the figure below. All members have 2000mm2 are and modulus of elasticity 2 × 105 MPa

Question 6

For the truss shown, PQ is short by 3 mm. Magnitude of vertical displacement of R is?

Question 7

The vertical deflection of joint C due to temperature rise of 60°F in upper chords only is?

(Given , α = 6 × 10-6/°F and E = 2 × 10-6 Kg/cm2).

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