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All forms of Continuity Equation Starter Quiz 1

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Question 1

The eye of the tornado has a radius of 70m. if the maximum wind velocity is 20m/sec, the velocity at a distance of 200 m radius is______.

Question 2

In a free vortex motion the velocity at the center of free vortex is mathematically ___________.

Question 3

Match the followings:

Question 4

A 200 mm diameter pipeline is laid on the ground. At a particular point, the piezometric head is 20 m. Total energy head of water at a point is 26 m. The Discharge (L/s) of water through the pipe is ______.

Question 5

Water flows under a sluice gate on a horizontal bed at the inlet to a flume. Upstream from the gate, the water depth is 0.45 m and speed is negligible. At the vena contract downstream from the gate, the flow streamlines are straight and the depth is 50 mm. The discharge in cubic meter per second per meter of width will be _____.

Question 6

Match the following

Question 7

An open cylindrical tank as shown in figure is rotated about its vertical axis. The speed of rotation (in rpm) so that no water is no spilled from the cylindrical tank. (All dimensions are in cm).
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