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AE-JE Foundation: General Science (Laws of Motion & Applications)

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Question 1

Newton's first law is also known as _________.

Question 2

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction, is Newton's __________ ?

Question 3

It in a motion, the axis of the rotation passes through an object, then the motion is called_______________.

Question 4

The three laws of motion is given by

Question 5

Example of periodic motion is: -

Question 6

Which of the following of Newton's laws explains the recoiling of a gun when a bullet is fired?

Question 7

The type of motion where the object move in a straight line is called _______.

Question 8

During uniform circular motion which of these is constant?

Question 9

The motion of a satellite in a circular orbit is one of the finest examples of ?

Question 10

Which one of the following is most likely not a case of uniform circular motion?
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