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AE-JE Foundation EE : Power Systems Quiz - 5

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Question 1

Load flow studies in a power system provide mathematical approach to determine?

Question 2

The bus admittance matrix of the network shown in the given figure, for which the marked parameters are per unit impedances is

Question 3

In Gauss-Seidel load flow method the number of iterations may be reduced if the correction in voltage at each bus is multiplied by

Question 4

For a 50 bus power system size of admittance matrix (Y – bus) will be –

Question 5

Ybus matrix of a 200 bus interconnected system is 80 % sparse .the number of off diagonal non zero elements in Y bus and number of transmission line in the system are ?

Question 6

What is the form of the Ybus matrix for carrying out load flow studies by Gauss-Seodal method of a power system having mesh connection of nodes?

Question 7

A 3-bus power system network consists of 3 transmission lines. The bus admittance matrix of the uncompensated system is If the shunt capacitance of all transmission lines is 50% compensated, the imaginary part of the 3rd row 3rd column element (in pu) of the bus admittance matrix after compensation is

Question 8

The YBUS of a system is given as

If the impedance of shunt elements at all the buses is doubled and a line with impedance j0.5 is connected between bus 1 and 2 then new YBUS will be

Question 9

The most relevant information needed to specify the real power (P) at the PV buses in the load flow analysis is-

Question 10

When the PV bus is treated as PQ in load flow studies ?
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