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AE-JE Foundation EE : Circuit Theory QUIZ - 3

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Question 1

When the dependent sources are present in the circuit, then which of the following theorem's cannot be applied.?

Question 2

The Thevenin equivalent parameters of the network shown at terminals a–b is

Question 3

In a constant load RL, what will be the condition for maximum power transfer

Question 4

Which of the following is correct regarding Norton’s current and Norton’s resistance.

Question 5

While applying superposition theorem:

Question 6

Thevenin equivalent voltage across A and B for the given circuit is _______volts.

Question 7

Consider the following network

The total energy (in Joules) stored in the circuit shown above is:

Question 8

An independent voltage source in series with impedance delivers maximum average power to load impedance when

Question 9

In which theorem ratio of response to excitation is taken-

Question 10

Which of the following statements are correct?

1) Reciprocity theorem is not valid for networks with dependent sources.

2) Any linear, passive bilateral network is always reciprocal.

3) Tellegens theorem is applicable to nonlinear networks as well.

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