5 Minute Learning Series: Mediterranean Climate

By Mayank Yadav|Updated : May 5th, 2021

In this 5-minute read article, we will cover the basic details of the Mediterranean Climate and will also see a question based on the topic. Questions from World Geography are often asked in all the competitive examinations. Make sure you don't miss this 5-Minute read article. 

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Mediterranean (The Warm Temperate Western Margin) Climate 

Climate (Temperature & Precipitation)

  • A dry, warm summer with off-shore trades:
    • The relatively high temperature in summers.
    • Coastal regions have modified temperature due to the influence of the sea.
    • No rain because Trade winds are off-shore.
    • Dry air, intense heat, and low relative humidity conditions prevail.


  • They are confined to the Western portions of continental masses, between 30 and 45 degrees North and South of the equator.
  • It is best developed in Central Chile.
  • Other Mediterranean regions include California (around San Francisco), the southwestern tip of Africa (around Cape Town), southern Australia (in southern Victoria and around Adelaide) and south-west Australia.


Vegetation & Wildlife

  • Evergreen forests are open woodlands with evergreen oaks. Cork oaks of Spain and Portugal are best known. Australia have eucalyptus forests. Californian trees include giant sequoia or redwood.
  • Evergreen coniferous trees include pines, firs, cedars and cypresses.
  • Short and evergreen shrubs and bushes. Common species are laurel, myrtle, lavender, arbutus etc.
  • Wiry and bunchy grasses without deep penetrating roots, not suitable for animal farming. 

Now Let's see a question on this:

Q. Consider the following statements and state which of the following is/are true about the Mediterranean climate?

1. Mediterranean vegetation in France is called Maquis.

2. Mediterranean region receives rainfall in winters.

A. 1 and 2

B. Only 1

C. Only 2

D. None

Answer: A


Characteristics of the Mediterranean climate are:- 

o high temperatures (hot, dry summers), cool and wet winters and clear skies signify Mediterranean climate. 

o Rainfall occurs in this region in winters, Whereas the mean annual precipitation ranges from 35 – 90 cm. 

o  Climate in this region is not extreme because of cooling from nearby water bodies/ ocean. 

o Mediterranean vegetation is called Maquis in France, macchia in Italy etc. 

o Agriculture is primarily composed of viticulture, wheat, barley, citrus fruits. 


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