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Weekly Child Development & Pedagogy Quiz:25.11.2018

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Question 1

Direction: Answer the following questions by selecting the correct / most appropriate options.
Primary school children will learn most effectively in an atmosphere :

Question 2

What forms the basis for Thurstone’s theory of intelligence?

Question 3

According to Gardner in naturalistic intelligence a person knows well how to observe and utilise the patterns and symmetry present in the nature. Who among the given are gifted with this type of intelligence?

Question 4

Which among the following is the educational application of Gardner's theory of multiple intelligence?

Question 5

Preeti is usually not able to follow the examples given by her social science teacher. The teacher tells her, “you do not even understand simple things”.

Question 6

Which among the following is not a type of progressive education?

Question 7

Who said “Development refers to the complex set of process involved in the emergence of a mature functioning organised from fertilised eggs”?

Question 8

Stammering, stuttering are the disabilities related to –

Question 9

An inclusive school reflects on all the following questions except :

Question 10

Ability of knowing the meaning of problem, weaknesses and gaps related to environment is a characteristic of
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