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Question 1

Fernando Alonso is related to which of the following sports?

Question 2

According to the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) World Ranking 2020 of senior male players which Indian player got top rank?

Question 3

Which country will host the 2030 Asian Games as per the announcement made by the Olympic Council of Asia?

Question 4

Iga Swiatek of which country becomes youngest women’s French Open winner since Monica Seles 28 years ago?

Question 5

World Cup Winner Andre Schurrle who retired recently was a famous ________.

Question 6

Aarohi Pandit became the world’s first woman to cross which Ocean solo in a Light Sports Aircraft (LSA)?

Question 7

Poonam Khatri associated with which sports whose silver medal is now being upgraded to a gold medal?

Question 8

Pritam Rani nominated for Dronacharya Award is associated with which sports?

Question 9

The International Olympic Committee has postponed the Dakar 2022 Youth Olympic Games to which year due to COVID 19 Pandemic?

Question 10

Who becomes the created a world record by becoming the youngest and the fastest specially-abled girl to swim 14 kilometres in open water in 3 hours 27 minutes and 30 seconds?
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