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Question 1

First-ever BRICS Games was organized in which city?

Question 2

Name the British Cyclist who has broken the world record for cycling around the world in 79 days.

Question 3

2018 Commonwealth Games was held in which country?

Question 4

BWF World senior badminton championships 2017 was held in _____.

Question 5

Which actor unveiled the ICC World Cup 2020 trophies for the men’s and women’s tournament at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG)?

Question 6

Who has won the Formula-1 70th Anniversary Grand Prix 2020?

Question 7

Which country will host the ICC Men’s T20 World cup 2021 ?

Question 8

Who won the gold medal in the World University Game in the 100m dash event in Italy?

Question 9

India’s largest Hockey Stadium planned to be built in which city of India that will be a part of hosting International Hockey Federations’(FIH) Men’s Hockey World Cup 2023?

Question 10

Who among the following has been included in the 12-member selection panel for National Sports Awards?
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