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Question 1

Naval Exercise Konkan-2021 was jointly held between India and which country?

Question 2

Fifth edition of Indo- Kazakhstan Joint Training Exercise, KAZIND-21 will be conducted at ______.

Question 3

The second edition of the joint naval exercise, ‘Zair-Al-Bahr’ was conducted between India and which country?

Question 4

Navies of India and which country carried out a joint exercise in Gulf of Aden near Yemen?

Question 5

Indian Army participate in the Multi Nation ‘Exercise ZAPAD 2021’ that was held in which country?

Question 6

First batch of Multi-Mode Hand Grenades (MMHG) has been handed over to Indian Army in Nagpur, Maharashtra. The MMHG is manufactured by ______.

Question 7

Which country will deliver India the Krivak class stealth frigates by 2023?

Question 8

Offshore Patrol Vessel (OPV) ICGS Vigraha was built by which company that was commissioned by Defence Minister Rajnath Singh?

Question 9

The Indian Navy has signed a contract with which defence equipment manufacturer for the supply of the first indigenously developed Naval Anti Drone System (NADS)?

Question 10

Which private defence equipment manufacturing company has bagged a contract worth Rs 1,349.95 crore for manufacturing of Integrated Anti-Submarine Warfare Defence Suite (IADS) for modern warships of Indian Navy?
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