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Question 1

Who among the following win the GOLD medal in the Para-Shooting World Cup held in Al Ain, United Arab Emirates in March 2021?

Question 2

Novak Djokovic defeated _______ to won his 9th Australian Open Title.

Question 3

Which of the following clubs has won the FIFA Club World Cup, 2020 title?

Question 4

Who won the Masters Group title at the Tata Steel Chess Tournament, 2021?

Question 5

Which Indian bowlers to pick up an international hat-trick in 2019?

(a) Kuldeep Yadav

(b) Mohammed Shami

(c) Jasprit Bumrha

(d) Raviddra Jedeja

Question 6

Which amongst the following is not a ‘team sport’?

Question 7

Who has won ICC Spirit of Cricket Award of the decade?

Question 8

Which cricketer has become the 3rd Man to Hit 6 Sixes in an over?

Question 9

FIFA World Cup, 2022 is to be hosted by

Question 10

Which scheme has been launched by the Sports Ministry for junior athletes?
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