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Vizag Steel MT Aptitude Quiz-2

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Question 1

A factory buys 10 machines. 1 Machine A, 4 Machine B and rest Machine C. Prices of the machines are Rs 90000, Rs 40000 and Rs 40000 respectively. Calculate the average cost of these machines?

Question 2

At some rate per annum, the compound interest for 2 years on Rs. 1500 is  ₹ 449.40 The rate of interest per annum is :

Question 3

What least value should be added to 2505, so that it becomes a perfect square?

Question 4

Let N be the greatest number that will divide 1305, 4665 and 6905, leaving the same remainder in each case. Then sum of the digits of N is:

Question 5

Acid and water are mixed in a vessel A in the ratio of 5:2 and in the vessel B in the ratio 8:5. In what proportion should quantities be taken out from the two vessels so as to form a mixture in which the acid and water will be in the ratio of 9:4?

Question 6

If 16% of an electricity bill is discounted, Rs. 1806 is still to be paid. How much was the bill?

Question 7

After giving a discount of 44% a cycle is sold for Rs 17360. What is the marked price (in Rs) of the cycle?

Question 8

The ratio of two numbers is 5 : 4. If the sum of both the numbers is 180, then what is the larger number among both the numbers?

Question 9

A missile travels at 1116 km/h. How many metres does it travel in one second?

Question 10

P can complete of a work in 10 days, Q can complete 40% of the same work in 15 days, R, of the work in 13 days and S, of the work in 7 days. Who will be able to complete the work first ?
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