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Question 1

In which of the following stages do children switch between being happy and extremely sad in a very short span of time?

Question 2

Find the odd one out.

Question 3

Rorschach Inkblot Test, which is used for assessment of personality was developed by:

Question 4

भाषा के पाठ्यक्रम में कहानी का शैक्षणिक प्रयोग मुख्यत: इसलिए जरूरी है, क्योंकि इससे बच्चे

Question 5

भाषागत समझ का आकलन करने के लिए किस प्रकार के प्रश्न अच्छे कहे जा सकते हैं?

Question 6

भाषा की प्रकृति के संदर्भ में कौन-सा कथन सही है?

Question 7

Directions : Answer the following questions by selecting the most appropriate option.
According to NCF 2005, learning of English aims

Question 8

The test that is designed to find the learners' difficulties, gaps in their knowledge and skill deficiencies during the course is called

Question 9

Directions: Answer the following questions by selecting the correct/most appropriate options.
Students are not organisms. Which one of the following methods sees them as a whole person?

Question 10

In a class there are 480 students. 15% of them failed in an examination. How many students out of them passed in the examination?

Question 11

Which of the following measures can form a triangle?

Question 12

The circumference of the base of a cylindrical vessel is 132 cm and its height is 25 cm, how many liters of water can it hold?

Question 13

Which one of the following is an objective of including riddles and puzzles in the EVS textbook ?

Question 14

What is the location of Jammu & Kashmir and Goa with respect to Bihar in India?

Question 15

How would a primary teacher effectively assess her students of class IV on the topic of “Scarcity of water”?
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