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UPSC Subject Quiz CSAT 27.11.2020

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Question 1

A solid cube is painted yellow, blue and black such that opposite faces are of same colour. The cube is then cut into 36 cubes of two different sizes such that 32 cubes are small and the other four cubes are big. None of the faces of the bigger cubes is painted blue. How many cubes have only one face painted?

Question 2

A local thug has started illegal construction on your vacant plot. He has turned down your request to vacate and has threatened you of dire consequences in case you do not sell the property at a cheap price to him. You would

Question 3

Your leave is not being sanctioned by your immediate boss as you are handling a very important task, although your work is over. You should

Question 4

You are a Police Commissioner and you notice that one of your subordinates was earlier a good officer with good manners, but over a few months his appearances and ways have changed. He has changed his behaviour, looks shabby and other officers have also complained about his ill-mannered behaviour. You fear something might be wrong and also worry the effect of his shabby looks that might affect his relationship adversely with his colleagues. How do you approach him?

Question 5

You are in a recruitment team of a government organisation and have received an anonymous gift of Rs 1 lakh. The recruitment process is going on but you have not got any indication about the sender of this gift. In such a situation, you would
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