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Study Plan Mini Mock 4 Geography

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Question 1

Consider the following and choose the correct statement(s):
1) Area north of the Tropic of Cancer being away from the equator experiences extreme climate with high daily and annual range of temperature.
2) The leeward sides of Western Ghats and Assam receive high rainfall during June-September whereas the southern plateau remains dry due to its leeward situation along the Western Ghats.
3) Inflow of western cyclones generally known as disturbances during the summer season and tropical depressions during the south-west monsoon period into India, creating weather conditions favourable to rainfall

Question 2

Which of the following statements are correct?
1) A high pressure centre in the region lying to the north of the Himalayas develops during winters.
2) The surface winds blowing out of the high pressure centre over Central Asia reach India in the form of a dry continental air mass.
3. These continental winds come in contact with trade winds over northwestern India, where the position of this contact zone is stable.
Select the correct answer using the codes given below:

Question 3

Consider the following statements:
1) The variations in the atmospheric pressure closer to the surface of the earth have no role to play in the making of upper air circulation.
2) Westerly winds blow across the Asian continent at latitudes north of the Himalayas roughly parallel to the Tibetan highlands and are known as jet streams.
3) It is believed that this northern branch of the jet stream exercises an important influence on the winter weather in India.
Which of the above is/are not true?

Question 4

Which of the following is correct w.r.t ITCZ?
1) It is a zone where air tends to ascend
2) Sometimes it is called the monsoon trough
3) It is a low-pressure zone
4) Here trade winds converge

Question 5

Identify the type of forest:
1) They are found in warm and humid areas with mean annual temperature above 22 degrees.
2) Well stratified
3) Covered with creepers and shrubs.
4) Species found are rosewood, mahogany, ebony etc.

Question 6

Match the following:

Question 7

Choose the correct order for Montane forest vegetation:
1) Deciduous forest
2) Evergreen broad leaf
3) Pine forest
4) Wet temperate forest

Question 8

Consider the following statements:
1) The southern slopes of Himalayas carry a thicker vegetation cover.
2) North facing slopes are relatively drier.
3) At higher altitudes, mosses and lichens form part of tundra vegetation.
Which of the statements given above is/are correct?

Question 9

Which of the below statements is/are incorrect regarding alluvial soils??
1) They are depositional soils.
2) In the Peninsular region, they are found in deltas of the east coast and in the river valleys.
3) They are generally rich in potash but poor in phosphorous.

Question 10

Black soil has which of the following characteristics?
1) clayey, deep and impermeable
2) self ploughing
3) rich in phosphorous and nitrogen
4) lack in lime and iron
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