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UPPCS 2021 PYQ Test 25

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Question 1

The Natural growth of population is the outcomes of which of the following?

1) Crude Birth Rate

2) Crude Death Rate

3) Migration

4) Marriages

Select the correct answer from the codes given below:

Question 2

At the mouth of which of the following rivers, the 'bird's foot' type delta is formed?

Question 3

MacMohan line forms the boundary between

Question 4

Which of the following statements is NOT correct?

Question 5

Arrange the following Indian Meteorological Headquarters in Chronological order of their establishment and select your correct answer from the codes given below:

1) New Delhi

2) Shimla

3) Kolkata

4) Pune

Question 6

How much the maritime distance between India and Europe was reduced after the construction of the Suez Canal?
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