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UGC NET History Quiz 2020 Exam

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Question 1

Identify the ruler.
1) He introduced Sijdah (prostration) and Paibos (kissing the feet of the sultan in the court) as the normal form of salutation for the Sultan.
2) He introduced the festival of Nauroz.

Question 2

Match the following with reference to the Maratha administration.
List I
I. Amatya
II. Mantri
III. Sachiva
IV. Suman
List II
a. Dabir
b. Shrunavis
c. Waqa-i-Navis
d. Majumdar

Question 3

Lord Mountbatten came to India with the aim of

Question 4

Assertion: Under Vernacular press Act 1878, Vernacular press and not English press were to have license of operation
Reason: Vernacular presses were criticising government policies thus generating disaffection among masses

Question 5

Consider the following pairs:
1) Ajanta cave: Buddhist in theme
2) Ellora cave: Hinduism in theme

Which of the pairs given above is/are correct?
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