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Question 1

A “National system of Education” implies:

(a) A uniform system of education for all children.

(b) Education should be free upto certain level.

(c) Education upto specific level should be universally available.

(d) All children should have equal opportunity to pursue formal education.

Choose the correct set of answers from the following alternatives:

Question 2

"Things as they are and as they are likely to be encountered in life rather than words" was the slogan of the

Question 3

For enhancing personal effectiveness, which of the aspects of ‘Johary Window’ should be expanded?

Question 4

In a study regarding two types of video games and their relation to play way method of teaching, four types of conclusions can be arrived at, as listed below. Identify which of the statements can be treated as Type II error.

Question 5

An effective programme of teacher education aims at developing teacher proficiency and competence that will consequently empower the teacher with which of the following?

(a) Skill in designing the teaching-learning situations

(b) Eagerness for upgradation of knowledge

(c) Ability to minimise the wastage of resources

(d) Understanding of interpersonal relations in a class

(e) Competencies in making quality decisions about managing, monitoring and evaluating learning behaviours

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