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UGC-NET 2018: (C Programming Language) SpeedTest Quiz 24

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Question 1

Consider the following pseudo code, where x and y are positiveintegers.

The post condition that needs to be satisfied after the program terminates is

Question 2

Identify the function prototype given in the following:
“array of N pointers to functions, returning pointers to functions and returning pointer to integer”

Question 3

In the C language

Question 4

Consider the following program in C language:
main ( )
{ int i;
int *pi = &i;
printf(“%d\n”, i+5);
Which one of the following statements is TRUE?

Question 5

Consider the following C function
void swap (int a, int b)
{ int temp;
temp = a ;
a = b ;
b = temp ;
In order to exchange the values of two variables x and y.

Question 6

Assume that the operators +, –, ×, are left associative and ^ is right associative. The order of precedence (from highest to lowest) is ^, ×, +, –. The postfix expression corresponding to the infix expression a + b × c–d^e^f is

Question 7

Which one of the following are essential features of an object-oriented programming language?
Abstraction and encapsulation
Type-safe property coupled with sub-type rule
Polymorphism in the presence of inheritance

Question 8

What is the output of the following program?
int main ()
int x = 016;
printf (“%d”, x);
return 0;

Question 9

Consider the following declaration of a two-dimensional array in C:
char a[100][100];
Assuming that the main memory is byte-addressable and that the array is stored starting from memory address 0, the address of a [40][50] is

Question 10

Which of the following is correct output for the program code given below?
main( )
void pr( );
pr ( );
pr ( );
pr ( );

void pr ( )
static int i = 1;
printf (“%c”, (65+ i ++));


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